Planner Haul – Michael’s Edition

I picked up a ridiculous amount few goodies from Michael’s for my new Happy Planner! I love how vibrant it is! (It even looks great for photos too! P.S. If you’re not already doing so follow me on Instagram @Crystalexplainsitall  to stay upto date on my new finds!)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators

Product rave! These are the illuminators I felt would look best for my NC46-Nc50 (depending on the season) skin tone. I love them! You can see from how I’ve worn away the beautiful design, that Riviera is my favorite. So Hollywood and Peach Nectar are gorgeous but Riviera is the one I reach for the most.

The only glow kits i have from ABH are the Moonchild and the Ultimate glow I’m thinking of getting the sweets one or perhaps the Nicole Guerrero collab palette, but I’m still holding out to see how that one will look inside.

Colourpop Karrueche Collection

Colourpop keeps coming out with beautiful collections. Only downside is when the collection has ended to make room something new. I love this Karrueche Tran collaboration mainly for the liquid lipsticks, ever color selection was a winner. Truly every color, and the formula is amazing!

Colourpop Liquid Lipstick


Cute Nails AF

I haven’t purchased nail polish in awhile, for some reason I like to wait till around the New Year. (unless something really tickles my fancy – which is rare as far as nail polish) With spring approaching businesses are introducing the new releases to the masses. Im ok with this.

Recently while I was waiting for my oil to get changed at Walmart I stumbled upon the cosmetics isle, (shocking I know) while  there I noticed a nail polish stand that looked promising! The LA Colors – Color LAST which stated this formula would last for 10 Days, which was a plus but it was the laaaaarge color selection that caught my eye! I show restraint and only purchased 2 shades. (both we’re neon pinks one was more orange than the other.) After testing out the polish i was EXTREMELY surprised with the quality of the polish.. it applied very opaque, I only applied 2 coats. I also was please that it didn’t take long for the polish to dry either.

A week later (today) I ended up making another trip to get more colors. So in the upcoming weeks you will be seeing more, and more of these colors.

  • Top Row – Family Ties, Every After, Onyx, Evermore
  • Bottom Row – Never Ending, Energy, Gravity, Wisdom


Makeup Of the Day = MOTD

I was debating on creating a GRWM* video from this look. It’s already filmed so I might go ahead and edit it up. I had recently stopped filming mainly because I needed a break from social media. With all the negativity going on in the US I decided to force myself, to NOT allow it to stagger anything that brings me joy. Makeup, Fashion, and Photography have always been my creative outlets that ease my mind, and challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone.  Im so thankful for growth and the removal of toxic people.

*Get ready with me