Cute Nails AF

I haven’t purchased nail polish in awhile, for some reason I like to wait till around the New Year. (unless something really tickles my fancy – which is rare as far as nail polish) With spring approaching businesses are introducing the new releases to the masses. Im ok with this.

Recently while I was waiting for my oil to get changed at Walmart I stumbled upon the cosmetics isle, (shocking I know) while ¬†there I noticed a nail polish stand that looked promising! The LA Colors¬†– Color LAST which stated this formula would last for 10 Days, which was a plus but it was the laaaaarge color selection that caught my eye! I show restraint and only purchased 2 shades. (both we’re neon pinks one was more orange than the other.) After testing out the polish i was EXTREMELY surprised with the quality of the polish.. it applied very opaque, I only applied 2 coats. I also was please that it didn’t take long for the polish to dry either.

A week later (today) I ended up making another trip to get more colors. So in the upcoming weeks you will be seeing more, and more of these colors.

  • Top Row – Family Ties, Every After, Onyx, Evermore
  • Bottom Row – Never Ending, Energy, Gravity, Wisdom